Article 2

The Library of the Institute (hereinafter: the Library) is an organisational unit of the Institute within the scope of the Department for Research, Protection and Documentation that shall be in charge of collecting, indexing, distribution, protection and safekeeping of library materials owned by the Institute that is directly linked to its operations.

In compliance with the Law, the Library shall be inscribed in the library register kept at the Library of the City of Belgrade and in the Central Library Register kept at the National Library of Serbia.

The supervision over the professional functioning of the Library shall be done by the Library of the City of Belgrade as the parent for the libraries on the territories of the City of Belgrade.


Article 37

The regulations and decisions that apply to the Institute shall be applied to the working hours of the Library and the distribution of the working hours over the course of a week.

The working hours of the Library shall be displayed on the notice board and at the entrance door leading into the Library.

Article 38

The library materials shall be primarily used by the employees and associates of the Institute.

The library materials may also be used by the public bodies, scientific and research, and other institutions and institutions dealing with the protection of cultural properties for the purpose of completing tasks and assignments from their scope of work, as well as the scientific and expert employees of the institutions with which the Institute cooperates.

The legal persons with which the Institute does not cooperate and natural persons may use the library materials only upon the approval by the Director.

When using the library materials, the users referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Article shall give a written statement that they are familiar with the obligations referred to in this Rulebook.

Article 39

A member of the Library may take for reading one publication, that is, two or three, if they constitute a whole.

The employees at the Institute may take several publications, but not more than ten, if this is specialized literature directly linked to their current work.

Article 40

The issued library materials may be kept for up to 30 days. After the expiry of this period, the use may be extended by 15 days more and in the case of magazines for 5 days more, if in the meantime the issued library material has not been requested by another user. When extending the borrowing period, the library material shall be brought to the Library for inspection.

The specialised literature and other library material issued to an expert from the Institute for the needs of working on a certain project may be kept for at least one year.

In case of an official need, at the request of the Library, the library material shall be returned prior to the expiry of the periods referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article, that is, within 24 hours.

Article 41

In case of an end to employment or of planned absence from work for more than a year, the employee of the Institute shall be under obligation to return the library material not later than on the last day of work and before the expiry of the periods referred to in Article 40 of this Rulebook.

Article 42

The employee in charge may issue the necessary documents to the employee whose employment at the Institute is ending only after verifying that the latter has met all the obligations towards the Library.

Article 43

If some of the requested publications has already been issued, a member of the Library may ask for a reservation, which gives them the precedence.

A member of the Library may reserve a publication for a certain date, by:

  • a written confirmation note
  • on the basis of a written request, or
  • by telephone, about which the librarian shall make a written note.

The reservations shall be recorded on special index cards or in a separate notebook.

Article 44

All the publications at the Library shall be issued for use by signing a written confirmation note.

A separate confirmation note shall be filled out for each publication. If this concerns several volumes, or a series or a periodic publication, it may be possible to fill out only one written confirmation note.

Article 45

The issuing of the library materials may be stopped in the course of a year for a period established by the Director, which may not exceed 30 days. Information concerning the stopping of the issuing of library materials shall be posted on the notice board of the Institute at least eight (8) days earlier.

Article 46

The reference literature (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, lexicons, bibliographies, handbooks), as well as rare library materials and the library material obtained through library loan shall be used solely at the reading room of the Library.

As a matter of exception, the library materials, except for the materials referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, may be given for use outside the reading room of the Library, at the special approval of the Director.

Article 47

Old and rare library materials (the library materials that have got the status of cultural property under the Law on Cultural Properties) shall be given for use only on the basis of a written approval of the Director. Such materials cannot be given for use outside the reading room of the Library.

Article 48

The user shall be under obligation to return the borrowed library material in the same condition in which they have received it.

The user shall be under obligation to check the library material they have received and to draw the attention of the librarian to any damages prior to taking it over, otherwise they shall be held accountable for any damages ascertained by the librarian upon its return.

Article 49

The user shall be under obligation to safeguard the borrowed library materials from damage. For any damaged and lost library material, a replacement, that is, compensation shall be provided.

Article 50

The user who has damaged or lost library material shall be under obligation to hand over to the Library a copy of the same issue of the library material (replacement) or – if this is not possible – through an agreement with the Librarian to compensate with a new similar copy within 30 days or to pay to the Institute its double market price (on account of the procurement costs).

The user who has damaged or lost one of the volumes of the annual set of magazines or a multi-volume oeuvre shall be under obligation to hand over to the Library a copy of the same volume or to pay its double market price, that is, the double market price of the entire set if the volumes cannot be procured separately. The user who has handed over to the Library the entire set shall have the right to keep the remaining volumes of the incomplete set.

Article 51

The value of the publication that can no longer be procured on the market which the user is under obligation to compensate shall be established by a three-member commission set up by the Director.

Article 52

Until the compensation has been completed, the user shall lose the right to use the services of the Library.

Article 53

The librarian shall check the database of the issued library materials and shall make lists of the publications that have not been returned on time.

If the user does not return the library material within the given period, the librarian shall be under obligation to reminder the user.

If the user, even after the reminder, does not return the library material, the librarian shall be under obligation to inform the Director about the issue in order for measures to be taken aimed at the implementation of the provisions of this Rulebook and the legal regulations, while the issuing of any further library material shall be ceased for the user.

Article 54

The user who uses the library material contrary to the provisions of this Rulebook shall be abridged of the right of use for a certain period of time or permanently. The Director shall take the decision on the abridging of the right of use.

Article 55

Members of the Library may give proposals for the enhancement of its operations and for the procurement of new library materials. Any possible wishes shall be recorded in a special book that shall be kept at the Library (Desiderata Book).

Article 56

Members of the Library shall be under obligation to keep order and silence to the highest possible degree on the premises in which the library materials are issued and used.

Article 57

An excerpt from this Rulebook concerning the obligations of the users when using the library materials and the order in the reading room shall be displayed on the premises of the Library in a visible spot.